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Multiwheels specializes in transporting abnormally wide or heavy loads. The company was founded in 1978, which means that you have access to more than 35 years of experience of transporting abnormal loads through most of Europe. We provide a professional and expert approach and you can count on exceptional perfermance.

Experts in Exceptional Transportation.

Multiwheels has a fleet of low-loaders, semi-low-loaders, flat trailers, open mega trailers, tilted mega trailers (adjustable in width and height) and tautliners available, depending on your specific transport requirements. Multiwheels holds long-term transport permits for Germany, Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal, which means there are no unnecessary delays and we can also provide escorts (including police escorts) with consignments when necessary.

Transport permits can also be obtained at short notice for all other western European countries.
Multiwheels truck combinations are fully equipped with all of the certified equipment required to ensure that consignments are professionally loaded and properly secured to ensure and safe transportation. You can also folllow the course of our trucks with your consignments at any time with an accuracy of up to one kilometre and up to the minute through our advanced tracking and tracing system.

Our drivers as well as our most capable colleaques are carefully selected and they all are well qualified to provide professional transport, not only from A to B, but also from A to Z as we make sure that all the dots inbetween are connected.

Het Westelijk Havengebied in the port of Amsterdam has been our home base for more then 35 years already.

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